eBooks & Reading
Industry's first adaptive eBooks and reading solution with pre-built (K-8 grade and GRL aligned) eBooks and learning paths delivering fully automated and personalized reading journey for every student.
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eBooks Library

Engage students in reading using a variety of text from our online library of over 500 GRL-aligned eBooks.

Adaptive Reading

Enable students with adaptive learning paths and let ScootPad deliver continuously personalized and self-paced reading for each student.

Pre-Built Learning Paths

Leverage our pre-built grade-aligned eBooks learning paths for grades K-8. Also create your own custom learning paths or use shared learning paths from your peers and the community.

Reading Logs

Setup reading assignments for any eBook from our online library or just about any book offline. Manage the entire reading log process online and save a ton of your valuable time.

Comprehension Quizzes

ScootPad will automatically assess students' reading and comprehension skills using built-in comprehension quizzes.

Insights and Reports

Our real-time dashboard helps you analyze an entire class's reading performance as well as drill into each student's reading progress.

Fun Contests and Friendly Competition

Students love fun contests and friendly competition with their peers. This instills motivation, engagement and a love for reading in students.

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