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Learn about how we protect and secure student information.

Our pledge to safeguard student privacy

Our privacy practices are based on our core belief in doing what's right for our community. That's why we've created a very responsible and transparent privacy policy. We outlined our data practices clearly stating what information we receive from you, what we do with it, and how you can change or delete it. We'll never sell or rent your data to anyone, including to advertisers. Your trust means everything to us and we'll do everything we possibly can to earn and keep it.

To reaffirm our commitment to keep student data safe and secure, we joined notable K-12 technology pioneers such as Google, Apple and Microsoft in signing the Student Privacy Pledge. Read the Student Privacy Pledge.

Compliance By Design

ScootPad is built with embedded data and privacy frameworks offering robust safeguards and compliance.

  • COPPA Compliance

    ScootPad is fully COPPA-compliant. No students (not just 13 years and under) are allowed to create their own accounts. Only educators and parents are allowed to create student accounts.

  • FERPA Compliance

    ScootPad supports FERPA and helps schools stay fully FERPA-compliant. ScootPad's Terms of Service supports the School Official Exemption or alternatively an exclusive parent consent. No student information will be shared with any other third-parties.

Your data in your control

Educators and parents are always in control of their student data on ScootPad.

  • Limited PII

    ScootPad collects only the minimal amount of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about students: often just the first name. We don't need or ask for anything else, such as gender, social security number, email, address, race etc.

  • Your information is yours

    ScootPad never sells or rents your information to anyone, including to advertisers. We've committed to this in our Privacy Policy.

  • Full oversight and control

    Users can access, modify and delete their information whenever they want to, as we say in our Privacy Policy. They can also choose to discontinue use of ScootPad at any time.

Industry leading security infrastructure

ScootPad uses cloud infrastructure which is protected by industry leading data security and encryption.

  • Network Security

    ScootPad ensures security at the network level using firewalls and end-to-end TLS/SSL encryption across all our infrastructure.

  • Data Encryption

    ScootPad uses bank-grade data encryption to ensure that student data is always encrypted and transmitted securely.

  • Rigorous Audits

    Extensive third-party vulnerability testing and audits ensure we are constantly putting ScootPad infrastructure under extreme, unbiased scrutiny.

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